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Aile -2 Peg Bebekler


4 adet aile peg bebekleri. Bunlar ; Anne, baba, kız çocuk, erkek çocuk. Hepsi günlük hayatta karşılaşabileceğimiz meslek gruplarıdır. “mış gibi yapma” oyunları için harika bir ahşap oyun arkadaşlarıdır. Kutusu ile birlikte gönderilir.

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4 member of a happy family peg dolls.
Mom, Dad, girl and boy
It is sent with in box.
The subject of the family peg dolls for pre-school children of 18 months and above; By playing, it is possible to create more creative activities with representative figures to improve reasoning skills, visual perception, attention, and memory skills. They can be incorporated into many games such as the great “pretend-to play”.
Ideal for children over 18 months. For younger children, be sure to supervise them when playing with the peg dolls for safety
Made of solid wood. Since each piece of wood has different textures, each figure has different textures, tones, and lines, and also they are hand-painted, each figure is different from the others.
Non-toxic blue angel certified healthy paints in accordance with CE EN 71 standards are used.
Boyutlar 3.5 × 3.5 × 10 cm

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