Taking Care of Wooden Toys , wooden teethers

Why Should I Choose Wooden Products for My Baby?

Teething can start anywhere between 4 months and 10 months and you will definitely notice it once it starts :)!

Excessive crying, red and swollen gums, moodiness, lack of appetite, red cheeks… Our poor little ones are exposed to a lot of discomfort and irritation in this painful little phase of their youth. Fortunately, we have prepared a great collection for you with teether products that can work wonders to help babies with pain and discomfort during teething.

Non-Chemical ‑ Non-Toxic Material

Matter how harmless the increasing plastic for easy consumption is, it is protected from artificial products that do not disappear in nature and are not part of a natural cycle. Even the feeling that you are still unsafe knowing that it is plastic must be making you think, right? Many chemicals used in plastic production are toxic to humans. The European parliament has restricted the use of these additives. In the european food codex, it is forbidden to use BPA in plastics used for the consumer group defined as babies, phthalate‑feeding bottles, pacifiers, mouth‑to‑mouth toys and child care articles. There are many baby teether on the market, but many of them contain plastics, BPA, and other potentially harmful chemicals that we definitely don't want in our little ones' mouths! If you're currently having trouble teething with your baby, we wanted to shed light on one type of teething ring that's both effective and safe ‑ wooden teething rings! Although the FDA says small amounts of BPA are safe for humans, some environmental and health experts are concerned that exposure to BPA can lead to problems with brain development, immune function, learning abilities, reproductive disorders, and other health issues.
Although different material combinations are formed with the development of technology, it is still advantageous to replace a material that is 100% natural.
All wooden products produced in Utoy Workshop are safe as they are hand‑made. There is no metal residue on it.

Antibacterial and Hygienic

Babies 0‑12 months or even up to 24 months are the period of mouthing everything. At the same time, it is the development of the immune system and the stage of getting acquainted with all bacteria. Objects that constantly fall to the ground or put into the mouth can be alarming for mothers. Wood products contain less harmful bacteria due to their nature. The beeswax and olive oil extracts we use to protect the wood. This mixture, which is impregnated with wood, is also beneficial for respiratory tracts. In this period we are in, there should be wooden teether for a healthy choice for baby products.

Durable For A Long Time

The tree type we use is hornbeam, dense fibrous, and the least deformable species. The impregnated special mixture nourishes it and allows it to be used healthy for a long time. Instead of chemical material, one should prefer what nature brings.

Recyclable Material

Increasing consumption and world population day by day bring along environmental awareness. Every product you buy includes the package is made of 100% naturally recyclable material. You will do a favor to both your baby and nature.