The Tree-borns

Let's meet the Tree-borns, get to know them better. They are waiting for you.

Get to know your favorite tree-born character. Inspect the starter story card to get to know them better.Follow their adventures from social media and explore where they live on the map. Create your own collection "toy" by customizing the features.

Imagination is a real magic. In this land, you are as strong as your magic. Find your reflection in the fantastic dimensions of UTOY, and start the fun.


Let we introuduce you with 7 tree-borns...Here there are !

Don't forget your map.



Boyut Han

The ruler of the Dimension Kingdom. He became a beloved ruler with his victories throughout the history...He presented wisdom, equality, honor and power to the Dimension Kingdom when he earned his magic cloak...His biggest supporter in the challenge of ruling the kingdom is his cross-dimensional spouse, Eje Hatun...He symbolizes the balance with her spouse Eje Hatun...



Ëjë Hatun

She used to be sometimes a bird or a fish in her dreams. But was it really a dream..?With more exposure and time, she gets familiar with her improving talents...Her father's voice is her guide during her adventures.. Ten success means one hair braid at where she comes from.She is the symbol of good power representing her people for the name of kindness.

Eje Hatun
Bogue Alpar



Boguë Alpar

He got famous with victories that he got with his supernatural warrior power.He lives at the summits of Alps in the Iceland caves.It is a half from the full since the day it was brought to this dimension..He gains power with the seek of justice.His golden blond hair boosts his charisma.




Alp Kız

She is the right arm of her queen and is a good leader..She lives in her land on the green soils of Moon Lake.Her warrior abilities are improved due to the challenges she faced..She is summoned to the festivals that are organized in the depth of Moonlight forest...A quest that was given by a mysterious stranger in a festival brings him to unknown adventures...



Ala Kurt

It has sharp and brillant eyes inherited from the moon in the sky shining like a pearl.It is a half from the full since the day it was brought to this dimension.It can even feel the hearts beating far away...It likes being lonely as well as helping to its other half...It lives at the summits of Alps in the Iceland caves close to the Blue sky.




Temir Pehlivan 

He lives in a small town around the Kala river. He is a handy and skillful hero reflecting his strenght of mind to his skills. He loves his happy family and job as a blacksmith ... He knows the enchanted forest and he is a talented pathfinder. Undefeated for the last 7 years in the traditional wrestling tournaments of the Dimension Kingdom

Dev Tepegöz



Dev Tepegöz

Being one of the few ogres that could survive, he has a bad reputation with. The one-eye ogre lives in his cave in Salhana rocks...He moves slow and prefers to hunt at night...He has no tolerance to any other moving creature but himself. Until a happening that he will live with another (s)hero one day...