The Ogre Tepegöz and The Boy


🌳Here is a mini fresh story from "The Legends”!🌳

“The tree-born Ogre wandered and searched nonstop, his body felt heavy before it was too late. He stretched out his hand and wanted to touch the sky.
"A boy appeared before him, tell me who you are..?!" he said without fear."
Ogre Tepegoz is startled by the weak voice he hears. However, the child's voice is loud. The giant holds the child. He gets the boy very close to one eye. The child sees his own reflection in the big eye. He was very brave though. The Ogre sniffs it a little, pats his head, and sees about the boy. Ogre thinks that It's not food, he grumbles. The boy did not understand what he was saying. He could only hear it as noise. The giant puts the boy in his pants pocket. He starts walking. Giant, the creek goes straight up the hill. Sky and earth shake. He comes to a cave and puts the child among a pile of junk and dried bones. The child is nauseous and worried. The giant comes out of the cave and comes back after a while. A husband brought a yellow fruit to the child. The child is surprised. No matter how hard the boy talks and tries to explain his troubles, the Dev doesn't understand him. He just grumbles. The child gives up somehow and desperately begins to eat the yellow fruit….