What is Utoy?

An epic and magical land that has never been told before spreading from wooden branches to many different dimensions…Enjoyable heroes from their roots to nowadays…We call them Tree-borns.

Limited edition role-playing action figures. Completed with wooden puzzle pieces. All about a wooden imaginary dimension.The day will certainly come where the paths of  each character will cross in depth of the Dimensional Land of Wood.

Complete your (s)hero by uniting the wooden pieces in order to create your land in the fantastic land of wood dimension.

Inspect the starter story card to get to know them better. Follow their adventures from social media and explore where they live on the map. Create your own collection “toy” by customizing the features. Imagination is a real magic. In this land, you are as strong as your magic. Find your reflection in the fantastic dimensions of UTOY, and start the fun.

A new soul to the wooden toy world. It is an innovative perspective where our new generation, original products and our culture meet modern design. The Dimension game of wood is the meaning of a fantastic, fairy-tale world with past cultures that may actually be real. It is hand-processed from 100% natural hornbeam wood and EN-71 certified paint is used.

How to play ?

This is a first edition feture  “the seven’s of Legends”. Each figurines are compose several magnetic blocks . Create your own hero(es) and discover  the new magical world.

Legends of heroes combined with forgetten extraordinary stories is out of this world! Tree-borns are live there and you can learn about more. A magical world based on the ancient mythological theme, characters and dimensional land.

A new version of wooden toys by a Utoy. It is an innovative perspective where our new generation, original products and our culture meet modern design. Dimension game of wood; are the adventures of life in this magical realm. It is hand-made from 100% natural hornbeam wood and only  EN-71, blue angel certified paint is used. All limited edition.

We believe in the power of design to communicate, inform, and influence our decisions. Tickle your mind with imagination musles.

What are your other passions when not designing?

A lot’s of new stores inspired by old folk tales come to life again with our designer’s pen and we hope you love them as we create brand new beautiful stories, drawings and characters.
Whether you tell your little ones or yourself, you can find a piece of yourself.

A new begining to the macigal world.
Give your friends a new world instead of buying classic gifts.
Decorate nursery rooms with our most cute heroes. They are as unique and cute as your baby.

The importance of learning with fairy tales

New studies shows ; “Fairy tales are important because they give form to deep fears and dreams about life through fantasy”

The important thing to remember is that children take on these stories at the developmental level they are capable of. In fairy tales, it’s always clear that this isn’t the real world. The characters might be unfamiliar to the child but the problems and the feelings that are dealt with are themselves often very true to life. Fairy tales give children a way, through stories that are safely set apart from themselves, to understand some of the really confusing and difficult feelings that they can’t yet articulate for themselves.”

Fairy tales allow kids a safe place to explore the idea that life isn’t always easy, that things can go wrong, and people don’t always have your best interests at heart. At the same time, as the “good” characters are usually rewarded at the end, it’s a way of reinforcing positively the importance of being kind, thoughtful and true.