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Sheep Crochet Rattle and Teether. Polished with olive oil.

It has clip that can attached to your babies collar. Colored crochet parts are %100 cotton ropes.

These wooden teethers are for babies have new growth ichy teeths. Designed for safe use and healty. All produced with natural materials. Provides relief during teething with ecofriendly and healty way. All wood and dyed with natural extract and olive oil. Produced according to CE EN-71 standards.

Dimensions: 7 cm x 12 cm

Made of hornbeam wood from sustainable certified forests and non-toxic paint.

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Natural solutions to itchy teets. The texture of each tree is different. A baby holding a wooden toy in his hand, its nature and its essence by perceiving the perfect texture, ie the essence of the tree and  sees, understands and learns the harmony with nature.Therefore, it is a valuable tool for understanding the transformation in life. Wooden toys for your precious ones.

They are simple looking, functional, It is important to have multi-functional and imaginative features. Simple geometric shapes are used for wooden toys, mixed patterns, colors are tried to provide simplicity. To create a unique visual perception of the child and Provides visual authenticity and freedom. It is durable due to its structure.

It concern hard durability because of material structure and olive oil . Regulary lubricating is prevent to abrosion.. The color does not change. Wooden toys are safer. Wooden toys are generally larger. It is designed without small parts and is created without the use of toxic chemicals that can harm your preciouses.





A4 – 21 x 30




Paper, found materials.


Shipped in glass frame

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