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Blue Gingham Baby Gift Set


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Are you celebrating the joining of a wingless angel in the family? Quality babies for new moms and dads are products here! We know that you want your loved ones to be with the best. After all, is there anything more adorable than seeing a gorgeous newborn baby learn and play with their favorite goodies? If you have visited shop to shop and have not decided what to buy, these products are just for you! A set that you will keep even as a wonderful souvenir years later with original patterns. Made of 100% organic soft fabrics, our box sets specially created by Utoy Basics for you are great!

 If you want what you are looking for both stylish and healthy, do not miss these sets. Stocks are limited for now! Our products are fabricated from super absorbency filling become more exclusive compared to the products on the market. You can remove the products you want or add different products. You can choose the shoe size and color. The gift set is sent in organic-filled packaging. Don’t forget to add your personal gift notes as you wish!

Spring Pattern is made of 100% soft organic fabrics. This 7 pieces box contains;

  • High absorbency shoulder towel as cloth
  • Apron
  • Fabric dummy chain
  • Wooden teether
  • Elephant crochet rattle
  • Cloth rabbit ear with wooden ring teether
  • Headband/bow tie
  • %100 Genuine leather soft shoes.

While caressing your baby’s sensitive skin with its soft upper surface, it provides excellent protection with its lower surface made of ultra-absorbent terry cloth.
You will not want to leave this product, which will be one of your biggest helpers in the first days of your baby.
This product is OEKO-TEX® certified. It is produced without the use of carcinogenic / allergen substances and dyes. It does not irritate the skin and does not contain chemicals harmful to human health. You can use it safely for your baby.

Soft, absorbent fabric: Softens with washing. Ideal for daily use and double-sided ease of use.

Add as many products as you want or let us do the work for you with our specially selected boxes. UTOY BASICS‘ Baby set boxes to focus on environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and safe products for newborns. and unique stylish gift boxes for baby boys and girls. We offer a difference!

Choose a gift set for a new parent, for a baby shower gift, or choose one of our favorite products…With this set packaging consisting of 7 separate pieces in a box the alternative to a wonderful gift to accompany the most beautiful time for your kindness and your happiness carefully prepared with this set and your health and love a couple of times. The products can be used from birth. Take a look at our selection of editorial boxes. We hope you enjoy it!


Bow tie, Headband

Shoe Color

beige, brown

Shoe Size

17, 18, 19

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