Dimensional Land of Wood

A fictional hidden universe with a lot of adventure.

Let’s explore a new world!

Throughout all ages, the moon follows the sun. The spinning wheel of time turns without stopping. The stars are lined up in rows. The days reel on the nights. The Stories of  “tree-borns” from the hidden villages to the palaces among blue sky at the top and the lean soil at the bottom, behind the Mount Kaf. 

While there was nothing more in the cosmic dimensions, there was Kayra and Water. The explorer, beings living in infinite realms whose number is unknown for a long time, are looking for universes in the galaxies where they will grow trees of life, that is, they will create new lives.

Dimensional Land of Wood

Every tree is precious in the land of the ancients … Kayra,  gives water a land of strength to complete his cosmic journey. There is a magical tree in the middle.