Wooden Puzzle Tale Toys
Explore their world with stories start the adventure.


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wooden toys

Unique design, eco-friendly toys for creative play.
Safe non-toxic paint and varnished. Explore the collection.

Wooden Toys

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Baby Accessories

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Colorful, %100 cotton and soft baby bibs,
pacifier holders. Explore the collection

Baby Bibs

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Exclusive collection made of soft ,
%100 cotton fabrics. Explore collections

Head Bands &

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Creative. Beautifull. Modern.

Uniquely designed a collection of toys and accessoires from our design studio for you. Produced by organic materials. Recyclyable and sustainable toys of modern day. We love them hope you will too.

Our Story

Our collections have insteresting story inspired from local culture and history.
We have great ideas to make difference and contribute a small share for our planet.

wooden works

Artworks are products of concern. Can also be used for decorative purposes.Wooden toys for our children simple looking, functional, It is important to have multi-functional and imaginative features.
Simple geometric shapes are used for wooden toys, mixed patterns, colors are tried to provide simplicity. To create a unique visual perception of the child and Provides visual authenticity and freedom. It is durable due to its structure. Durability is high. The color does not change. Wooden toys are safer. Wooden toys are generally larger, It is designed without small parts and is created without the use of toxic chemicals that can harm children.
wooden works

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